Roxy the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier


What is your pets name, breed and age?
Roxy is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and is just over 5 months old

How would you describe their personality?
Roxy is such a happy, active and adoring puppy. She loves nothing more than spending time with her owners, and going on walks to meet new people (and other dogs!) She is very playful and wishes the family cat would chase her!!

Do they have a favorite treat or toy?
She mixes it up between her soft animal toys, and her more robust chewy toys… depending on her mood!! Her favourite treats are homemade peanut butter doggy cookies! (Ask mum for the recipe!)

What is their best trick?
Apart from being a world champion at shadowing her owners, Roxy has a lovely routine of sit, shake, drop and wait before her dinner is served!! She has also learnt to sit before crossing the road!

Any advice to someone looking at getting a pet of a similar breed?
Staffies are intelligent and energetic dogs, and require daily walks and space to run around! Boredom is not a good thing! Be prepared to be rewarded by so much affection that it makes your heart burst. She is a best friend for life!

Follow Roxy’s adventures at @roxythebrisbanestaffy


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