Mel and Matt are the owners of Pethaus.

Pethaus is the worlds first denim label for dogs! “Think of us as the Levis of dog gear”. they says.

Mel’s background is in streetwear and vintage clothing (for humans), across retail, wholesale, buying and production. Matt is a musician with a background in graphic design.

Their inspiration for their business came from their puppy, Willie. “Our puppy Willie used to freeze when we took him to the pub in the evenings, we couldn’t find anything to buy to keep him warm that suited our style so decided to make him a denim battle vest to match his Dads”. Mel says.




“Our gear has a commitment to quality and authenticity, we make dog gear that even we would wear. Our brand is a reflection of us and our interests. We love denim, all things vintage and of course rock and metal music feature heavily in our branding. This isn’t a trend for us it’s who we are. We are absolutely not about tacky dog gear. But we do have a good sense of humour”.

Mel and Matt are passionate about their custom vest. “We LOVE making custom vests for our clients, everyone is different. It’s always fun to read peoples requests and see how they come out”.

Like most businesses they had challenges along the way “We had some production challenges in the early days especially with our quick growth keeping with demand used to be an issue”.

To them the best thing about running their own business is working with dogs everyday and getting to be creative! “We meet tonnes of great like minded people too. Plus it’s super fun seeing peoples reactions to our gear”.



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