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Samantha is the owner and creator of My Pupper.  “I am 22 years old and I am the creator of My Pupper. I have a background in Retail and Administration, and I have been bitten hard by the travel bug! My Partner and I have backpacked Europe and the UK for 6 months, travelled Thailand, Vietnam and Borneo for 6 weeks, cruised around the South Pacific and are currently planning our 3 month adventure to van around the Canadian Rockies and trek South America early next year! We have done and seen some beautiful things – we have watched the Aurora dance in Iceland, wined and dined in Paris, gotten lost in Venice, lazed on Barceloneta Beach, sailed Croatia, rode a donkey in Santorini, drank too many steins at Oktoberfest, rode on a reindeer sleigh in the Arctic, snowboarded in Austria, camped around Switzerland, trekked Sapa in Vietnam, spotted wild Orangutan and Monkeys in the wild in Borneo, and got engaged in the middle of the Ocean! But enough about that side of me… Let’s talk Pupper!”

“My Pupper is an online store, showcasing handmade dog accessories, toys and treats, made by myself on the Sunny Coast of Australia! We believe our fur baby’s deserve to dress to impress, wearing only the highest quality products – which is where we step in.”

“It’s a funny thing actually… Before March this year, I hadn’t used a sewing machine since 2010 in High School. So it definitely wasn’t my passion for sewing! My partner actually came up with the idea of the name “My Pupper” when we were in our Airbnb in Switzerland, just coming through the other end of a bad hangover. He comes to me and says “I just bought a domain name called “My Pupper”. I was confused, as we hadn’t talked about it at all beforehand, but it only took a couple of days for us to decide what to do with it, so we started an Instagram featuring gorgeous doggos around the World and decided when we returned home, we would begin releasing some new, exciting dog products!” she says.

“My Pupper is very unique. Everything you find on our online store is completely handmade from scratch by myself, while also being Earth Conscious. I mean, Elsa tries to help but having no opposable thumbs proves to be quite the problem! We select 100% cotton fabrics from individuals that have digitally designed, or hand painted and drawn the pattern, which means you won’t find another company with the same styles as us. We then cut the fabrics to the correct size, pin the pieces together and sew away to create your best friends new threads! Even after all of those special bits, we then hand wrap each order in eco-friendly paper, and complete it with a handwritten note, just to say thanks for supporting us! With each and every sale, we add in a lotta handmade love.”

“The best thing about running my own small business thus far is getting to know our incredible customers and fans! It truly is a special feeling when people adore something you take a lot of time and effort to perfect, and our tribe definitely helps to make the job so enjoyable. We love going to local markets and getting our brand out there, and we love the opportunities our business gives us like donating to dog rescues and charities, which we would have struggled to do so much beforehand. We love sharing our knowledge on being eco-friendly, and why supporting small businesses is so important. And another massive bonus is getting to scroll Instagram, and look at all the adorable doggos!”

“Right now, my favourite product(s) would have to be our new Pastel sets! I am completely in love with the colours, I can’t possibly choose one. We have some very exciting news for these sets in the next couple of weeks too, so keep your eye out…”

“The only challenges I seem to have is not knowing when to stop scrolling through pages and pages of cute dogs, not taking too much advantage of “days off” and trying to stick to the budget when ordering new fabrics (they’re just all so pretty!). But no, there haven’t been any major challenges. I am so incredibly blessed to be able to wake up everyday and smile because I love what I do.”




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