Mowgli, Diva, Echo and Spyro


We can’t imagine a dull moment in this full house! Meet Mowgli, Diva, Echo and Spyro. We asked their owner, Karen, to tell us about them.

“Mowgli is a 5 year old longhair Chihuahua that is very loyal and loving. His favourite toy is a knot kong bear. He can sit, stay and dance around in a circle on his back legs.”

“Diva is a 4 year old Chihuahua. She is really sweet and loves to give kisses. She doesn’t really have a favourite toy. She can sit and shake.”

“Echo is a 2 year old longhair Chihuahua x Foxy and daughter of Mowgli. She loves to be close and to lay on you. She doesn’t really play with toys. Echo can also sit and shake.”
“Spyro is a 1 year old Chihuahua and son of Diva and Mowgli. His favourite toy is a fuzzy dog tug toy rope. He can sit, shake and jump into my arms. He is a silly, sweet and needy boy.”

Follow their adventures @mowgli_diva_echo_spyro

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