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Tell us a little about you and your background.
We are three girl boss entrepreneurs from Montreal, Canada. We have 10+ years of experience in the pet industry and have been “furmamas” all of our lives. We have a strong passion and compassion for all animals, and we wanted to launch a business that reflected just that!

Tell us about your business.
Moroccan Pooch Furcare is a new Canadian-based company with a special mission: To bring a salon quality experience to furbabies worldwide using the very best natural ingredients like argan oil, rosemary, vanilla, coconut oil, rose hip oil, and distilled water amongst many more! Scent is also very important to us; a lot of grooming products smell medicated or completely unnatural, and we wanted our signature fragrance to be beachy, fresh and non gender specific. Not only are we transforming the furcare industry, but we see the importance in giving back! For every product purchased,  Moroccan Pooch will help a furbaby in need with our #MPPetWelfareEfforts

What inspired you to start your business?
After many years working in the pet industry, Ashley and Michelle had tested so many grooming products and noticed there was just so much missing in the marketplace for natural and luxurious pet grooming products. They were always on the hunt for a shampoo and conditioner that they felt was safe and effective without the use of parabens, sulfates and other toxic ingredients that would irritate their furbabies’ skin. Ashley had mentioned that she kept coming across shampoos that smelled just as as “unnatural” as their name.

The girls wanted to create products that reflected their beliefs, and wanted a line of products that they would “use” on themselves that was also playful and trendy.

What makes your products unique?
All of our products are natural and the centerfold ingredient is Argan oil from Morocco. Argan oil has so many wonderful benefits for the health and look of the fur coat and skin. It helps promote a strong coat, it reduces the chances of skin irritations and allergies, and makes the fur healthy and super shiny!
Unlike other companies, Moroccan Pooch strives to make Argan oil the predominant ingredient in all our products. Can you guess what the first ingredient in most hair & fur products is? Water! We use only distilled water in all of our products, as this process uses evaporation and condensation techniques to remove impurities.




What has been the best thing about running your business so far?
Education, speaking directly to the fur parents out there, and getting down to the nitty gritty details. There are so many myths out there and by speaking to our customers, we can hear their needs and address all their issues. A great example is explaining the importance of using a conditioner with our furbabies’ fur coat, and not running to that “2 in 1” to save 30 seconds. Would we use a 2 in 1 on ourselves? NEVER! Our pets full body are covered in fur compared to our small portion on our heads, but we would never skip a conditioner for ourselves. By seeing our “before & after” transformations, hearing the positive feedback, and receiving repeat orders just shows us we are doing something right and that is so rewarding.

What is your favourite product?
Our favorite product has to be our famous Leave-In Treatment! We are obsessed with how portable and easy to use it truly is. It is the perfect quick pick-me-up for in between grooming seasons. Spritz and comb and your furbaby is ready to go! The Leave-in treatment is the third step in our beauty ritual but can be used as often as needed to maintain those luscious locks.

Benefits include:

A lot of people do not necessarily like to do their grooming themselves, but they love the leave-in treatment because it helps to maintain all the wonderful work their groomers do! oh and it smells so good.

Have you had any major challenges?
We wouldn’t use the term “major challenge,” but something that we feel strongly about is always staying authentic and honest with our customers and social followers. No matter how much our company may grow and evolve, we promise to always stay true to the quality of our products and giving back to fur babies in need.




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