Milli Vanilli the Bengal cross



What is your pets name, breed and age?

My cat’s name is Milli Vanilli she is a Bengal cross and turned two in August.

How would you describe their personality?
She’s feisty and everything is on her terms (including cuddles). She’s a food critic and is relentless when she wants a treat.

Do they have a favorite treat or toy?
Her favourite toy is a little pig called Pigward. She often picks him up and walks around the house meowing (can’t figure out why she does that). Her favourite treat is the Kit Cat Purr PurĂ©e. She’s obsessed.

What is their best trick?
She plays fetch and sits on command (if I have a treat in my hand). I’ve also trained her to come when I play the Schmackos tune.

Any advice to someone looking at getting a pet of a similar breed?
Bengals, in my experience, are very demanding and require more attention than other breeds I’ve had. They will push all boundaries. But are highly intelligent and are great loving and loyal pets.


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