Meet Star, Merlin and Spirit


What is your pets name, breed and age?
Star is two years old and she is an Australian Shepherd
Merlin is one year old and he is also an Australian Shepherd
Spirit is six months old and he is a cream Finnish Lapphund

How would you describe their personality?
Star is the good of the family, also the craziest! Soo much energy and always making everyone laugh. Star and I are very close as she was my first, she always comforts me when I’m sad and always beats up my partner if he tickles me!
Merlin is the big baby of the family, he’s a big sook, a little anxious and a full time mummy’s boy! He thinks that he is the size of a chihuahua and always plonks himself on top of us for cuddles.
Spirit’s personality is coming out more and more every day! He is a very active puppy, a big suck up and very focused. He is excelling in obedience and is always at the top of his class!

Do they have a favorite treat or toy?
They have heaps of toys around the house. I spend more money on them then I do on myself!! Their favourite toys are balls and frisbees, always something that they can fetch!

What is their best trick?
Star’s best trick would be “shy” where she puts her paw over her face, it’s the cutest thing!
Merlin’s best trick would be barking uncontrollably at any joggers or anyone walk by… on a serious note, probably “beg” as he looks so cute doing it!
Spirit’s best trick would definitely be “wave” he started doing it when we first got him at 8 weeks, so we turned it into a command!

Any advice to someone looking at getting a pet of a similar bread?
If you want any of these breeds you need to have a lot of time for them, competing in dog sports keeps them busy, taking them to obedience and lots of exercise! My pups come to work with me and we do everything together!


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