Luna the Golden Retriever

What is your pets name, breed and age?
Our puppies name is Luna, she is a Golden Retriever and 9 weeks old.
How would you describe their personality?
Her personality is cheeky, adventurous and very friendly. She is excited about meeting new people and always exploring her surroundings. She is not scared to try new things.

Do they have a favorite treat or toy?
Luna absolutely loves playing with her toy duck and as a reward for good behaviour and learning new tricks she goes wild for Strawberries! She is completely motivated by food 🙂
What is their best trick?
Even though she is only 9 weeks old she has learned to do a few basic commands which is impressive for such a young pup but her newest trick is ‘paw’ giving us her paw in exchange for a treat.
Any advice to someone looking at getting a pet of a similar breed?
Before getting a Golden Retriever it’s recommend to find a trusted breeder to ensure good healthy lineage free from health issues as Golden Retrievers are prone to some negative genetic issues when not bred responsibly. Also be prepared for long walks and having a dog with very high energy!
Golden Retrievers grow quite big so adequate space and being able to take them out regularly is key. They make the best companion and are very friendly dogs you won’t regret getting a Golden 🙂
We would like to mention our friends ‘Golden Swag’ as they do a monthly subscription box service for dogs in Australia with really good high quality treats, toys and accessories. GS also donate money to the Golden Paws Rescue Inc in Queensland helping re-homing Golden Retrievers in Brisbane down to the Gold Coast.

If you love treating your pup to delicious snacks we would also say check out Australian brand ‘Huds and Toke’ on Instagram as they do wonderful colourful delicious baked treats for all types of pets.

Follow Luna’s adventures @luna.goldenadventures
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