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Meet Kaleb the owner of Land Shark Supply. “I’m the pet-parent of a goofy German Shepherd named Bauer. I’m a Product Designer by trade, but I’m very entrepreneurial so I always have something that I enjoy working on. I’m a very do-it-yourself type person and love working hands-on with new ideas and products.”

“Landshark Supply is a brand for dog lovers who want classy, well designed dog products. A Landshark can be defined as “A dog that enjoys gnawing, chewing, tugging, and biting; particularly on its humans arm in a loving fashion.” This includes some of the mouthier breeds such as German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Pitbulls, but most of our products are for dog parents of any breed! ”




“Obviously my everyday inspiration is my pup, Bauer, but I actually started Landshark Supply after I couldn’t find any German Shepherd tshirts that I really liked. Most of what I saw were loud, bright shirts, with catchy sayings and colorful graphics. While there’s nothing wrong with those, that’s just not my style and I figured that other people might share my sentiments. We try to focus on making our apparel more subtle and classy. However we don’t only sell tshirts. One of our favorite products is our “No Humans Allowed On The Couch” pillow! It’s a great way to add a little dog humor to your home decor. We’ve come out with a bed variation too, and a new fall design for both pillows.” he says

“The best thing about running Landshark Supply is connecting with the K9 community. We have almost 10K followers on Instagram and love seeing our follower’s photos of their pups and talking with them on a daily basis. Our customers tag us in photos with their shirt or pillow so it’s also really great to see people enjoying what we’ve made.”



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