Tell us a little about you and your background.
Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m a cataholic. I work full time in communications, but have always secretly wished I worked with (non-human) animals. Each day when I come home from work I am greeted by two hungry cats dressed in tuxedos and a very excited dog (all rescues). My husband and I call them “The Zoo.”


What inspired you to start your business?
Living in small spaces and trying to find products that gave my cats what they need without being 100% ugly. I really have spent a lot of time obsessing over this, and realised there must be others out there like me who have the same problem. I couldn’t believe no one else was already creating a solution!


What makes your products unique?
To this day, I have not found any other wall hanging cat scratchers that provide (a) a good scratching surface, (b) sturdiness that will last being clawed at several times a day and (c) look beautiful. Cats love them, humans love them: we’re all happy!



What has been the best thing about running your business so far?
Receiving pictures of my customers’ cats! And being able to help save people’s furniture from scratching. We all love our cats but when they are scratching the wrong things it is a real problem. Through testing my products at home I learned a lot about why cats scratch in certain places and how to make sure they do it in the right places. It’s a lot easier than most people think.


What is your favourite product?
My personal favourite is the budgie printed scratcher. It makes me laugh every time I see it.


Have you had any major challenges?
Starting a business is 98% challenge! It is incredibly rewarding though, especially when I receive pictures of cats happily clawing away at my products.




Walking-Winston-Kitska-Famous-pets-Business-Australia-Cats-Cat-Scatchers-Dogs Walking-Winston-Kitska-Famous-pets-Business-Australia-Cats-Cat-Scatchers-Dogs




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