Hope the Cockerlier





What is your pets name, breed and age?
My pets name is Hope and she is a Cockerlier (Cocker Spaniel x King Charles Cavalier). She was born October 23rd, 2009 (7, almost 8 years old)


How would you describe their personality?
Her personality is probably the most colourful personality I have ever experience with any of the dogs that we have owned. She has so many little quirks to her that somethings you can’t even keep up. Other than the fact that she is unaware that she is a dog and likes to be considered one of the humans she loves cuddles and is constantly referred to as a little baby because of how much she loves people and cuddles. On the other hand she can be the sassiest diva of them all. Nobody can break hearts like she can, she likes to do things in her own time. When you ask for a cuddle you can quite often be snubbed. Because of her breed her face is a constant look on no enthusiasm what so ever, this makes her a common joke in our family as she will wag her tail signifying she is happy but her face is a totally different story. 


Do they have a favorite treat or toy?
Growing up, she had many favourite toys but soon began to realise that she didn’t need toys anymore. As much as we wish she could fetch she seen the fitness of running after a ball quite tiresome and quickly cottoned on to the fact that if we throw it and she doesn’t run after it we have go get it. She almost gives you a face to say “You silly buggar, now you have to go get that.” Food on the other hand is her most favourite thing. She will sit in front of you holding your stare for minutes at a time before you cave and give her something. However, nothing can beat Lamb Chops for her. I have never seen the little dog run so fast except when she can smell lamp chops cooking.


What is their best trick?
When she was a puppy she was the queen of tricks, however, as she has begun to age her tricks have decreased to sit and drop. However, if there is a treat involved I have never seen her drop so quickly to the ground in my life. 


Any advice to someone looking at getting a pet of a similar breed?
I would say do it. Because of the mixture of the breed in a medical sense the cocker spaniel cancels out the heart problems in a Cavalier and the Cavalier cancels out the hip problems with the Cocker spaniel. However, because of the length of the ears they can tend to have a lot of issues sounding infections. This is only the tinest problem in comparison to all the good qualities that surround this breed. They are gentle and well natured dogs and are so good with kids. Because of their size, (smaller than the Cocker Spaniel) they are easy to take with you and depending of the training are very good with other dogs. You will never be bored with their little personalities and I can 100% recommend



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