George Sparks the Miniature Dapple Dachshund


What are your pets name, breed and age?
George Sparks
Miniture Dapple Dachshund
1yr 3mths

How would you describe their personality?
George is a fun-loving little man you know what they say about dachshunds small dog BIG personality. George loves to play with his sister poppy. Cuddles are his favourite George will happily find any available lap in the house to snuggle on. George loves to walk to the park to see his friends as well as being a full time model for instagram he knows how to pose for the camera.

Do they have a favorite treat or toy?
George’s favourite toy is a little stripy pig with a big squeaker and his favourite treat is Get Wag’s yoghurt drops in the banana and strawberry flavor as well as fresh blueberrys and banana.

What is their best trick?
George loves to do roll-over BUT only on carpets or a bed ahah !!! fussy dog

Any advice to someone looking at getting a pet of a similar bread?
Do your research with the breeder to make sure there is no history of IVDD, which is a unfortunately common issue in Dachshunds. Make sure when you bring your puppy home they have a ramp George has one in my room to make sure he does not jump on and off the bed to help avoid back injury’s. Dachshunds are needy little dogs they love to be with you and crave affection so be prepared for one little lover.

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