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Meet Sheridan the Founder of Fergus & The Cat “Super rad, handmade bow ties for your pooches and meow-meows” she says. “I’ve got an all-over-the-shop background: graphic designer, illustrator, wedding stationery designer, marketer, seamstress and fashion designer. We could say it’s a bit of an art shop?”

“FATC was born in 2013, and kicked off as a unisex fashion accessories label. It all come to life via a desire of mine to find a cool way to use all of the clothes I wasn’t wearing anymore. I couldn’t bring myself to bin them and hated just seeing them sitting in storage, taking up space. One day I made a bow tie for a costume party (dressed as Cat In The Hat. It was sick) and scored so many compliments on it. People wanted to know where I got it from. When I told them I had designed and handcrafted it myself, they wanted one too! I saw an opportunity. To take advantage of my friends … haha no. I figured if they liked it, then there was a good chance others might. So I tested the waters at markets and it just blew up! It was awesome for me to know that I was giving life back into all of the clothes I was no longer wearing. Sustainable design – “FEEL-good design”. I started to recycle other random fabrics – like my Grandma’s super cool vintage tea towels. One of her tea towels is now a gorgeous mint green bow tie being worn by some dude to a prom in Pennsylvania, USA. HOW COOL!? Sorry, that blows my mind. One of the guys from (the epic) Brisbane band Sheppard has worn one of my designs down the Aria Red Carpet too. Almost passed out watching it on the telly”




“Because of my brand name, the joke always was, “do you make cat bow ties too?” So I did. For lol’s. But those cat bow ties pulled in the most unexpected, but awesome demand. And as you’d expect, some Jerry then asked “do you make dog bow ties too?”. I couldn’t say no. BOOM, Fergus became all about you’re little furry mates. Whilst I still make the odd “people” bow tie; I absolutely love the way my business has been able to respond to social trends and LOVE even more the reaction buyers have when they discover my brand and products. I’m also currently Art Director for one of Australia’s most loved Pet Food company’s. So that helps. Keeping it in the industry yo!”

“Whilst I’ve had insane experiences and successes with my business, I’ve also had challenges. Everyone does. My biggest (and on-going challenge) is with my brand name and how it tends to confuse people as to what audience my products are for. I’ve witnessed first hand (at market type events) customers say out-loud “Fergus & The Cat? Oh bow ties for just cats” and then someone else will pipe up “No, they are for people too!” Usually followed by a little bit of bickering. I try explain that my product range essentially caters for “your whole family”, and I’ve got bulk signage, tag-lines, etc explaining this. Though it sometimes just doesn’t work. Luckily it’s only a small number of people who get confused. And I can easily make a joke out of it (especially because of the playful nature of my label). But it still stinks. A lesson for picking a business name!”

“Overall what I’ve learnt from my business has been so rad. I always get the most dorky smile creep across my face when I reflect. No regrets and so many plans for the future! I mean, Christmas is coming yo! The perfect time to buy a sweet lil bow tie to for your loved ones to pop under the tree. I can’t WAIT to make my Christmas collection. Keep your eyes peeled”




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