Cookie Monster the Groodle




Meet Cookie Monster the Groodle (Golden retriever x Standard Poodle x snufalufagus)

“CM is happy go lucky! He’s so goofy and loving, everyone’s best friend. He has an inherit knowledge that he needs to be gentle with young children or elderly people and never jumps up and approaches smaller dogs so gently. He definitely doesn’t know his size and is cautious of anything unusual and timid around dogs that are similar in size or bigger than him! His best friend is Ernie (@Erniecavoodle), they are one week apart in age and inseparable!” says CM owner.

“His favourite toy is his cookie monster toy that he’s only allowed to have for gentle cuddle times when he’s calm. It’s also a photo prop used to show his growth over the past 6 months, he so badly wants to eat the eyes off!”

CM enjoys any dehydrated meat, especially chicken and liver. Laila and Me is his favourite brand treat. His learnt how to give kisses “He does know one super cute trick when I say “Kisses” he will lick my chin or cheek!”

If your thinking of adopting a similar breed make sure you have the space and time to commit to regular exercise. “Groodles are part of the family and want to be with you as much as possible, not a “leave in the backyard” dog. They also require regular grooming and brushing which can be time consuming and expensive”




Follow Cookie Monster’s adventures @cmthegroodle 

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