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Chloe Griffiths is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator by trade and the owner and creator of Clo’s Line. Clo’s Line offers a wide variety of bright, colourful and fun bespoke Cat and Dog Bow Tie Collar’s.

“I’m an animal lover through and through and I have two super cute fur babies, Willow and Phin” Chloe says.




“Clo’s Line Collars were brought to life by my beloved cat, Toulouse, when he needed something a little more fancy than just your average cat collar. He was quite the gentleman. I went out and picked up my first sewing machine and created for him the original Clo’s Line Collar. With him parading around, it wasn’t long before the other cats on the street wanted their own fancy collar. I decided then I’d share my creations with the online community. I haven’t looked back.”

All Clo’s Line products are handmade in Perth, Western Australia by Chloe. “At Clo’s Line we like to spoil our pets, and what better way to do so than with something a little fancy!”

“The best thing about Clo’s Line is being able to meet people who also share my love for animals. So many wonderful people and their pets!”




Chloe’s favourites come down to two; the Detachable Tuxedo Wedding Collar and the Pretty in Pink Bow Tie Collar, both look fabulous on all pets and really make a fashion statement.

Since Clo’s Line first opened, way back in 2013, there have been very few challenges. It has been a dream for Chloe to run this business and she looks forward to many more years ahead.

Instagram & Twitter: @closline

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