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Fergus and The Cat

  Meet Sheridan the Founder of Fergus & The Cat “Super rad, handmade bow ties for your pooches and meow-meows” she says. “I’ve got an all-over-the-shop background: graphic designer, illustrator, wedding stationery designer, marketer, seamstress and fashion designer. We could say it’s a bit of an art shop?” “FATC was born in 2013, and kicked off as a unisex fashion...


Sebastian Says

  Sebastian Says is a seasonal collection of bohemian-style dog accessories, and each range is carefully considered with investment in mind. “Investment in quality materials that stand the test of time” Creative Director Suz Strampic says. “We are constantly on the lookout for new and innovated trends in fashion for pooches with a minimalist approach. Our goal is to offer...