Betty and George


What is your pets name, breed and age?
Betty is a British Bulldog and 5 years 8 months old. George is a 5 year old Pug.

How would you describe their personality?
Betty – Stubborn and super lazy, but has excitable bursts of energy. She gets very excited and has bursts of energy when it’s getting close to dinner time, walks are involved or guests have arrived. She loves a good back scratch and throws her back at people’s feet when she meets them at the park. She is brave and bold when she meets dogs and people, but is terrified of plastic bags and any house hold item. She definitely is a real character!
George – Very loyal and loves to be with his humans every second he can (there is no such thing as going to the toilet on your own). He loves to watch TV and barks at EVERYTHING on the TV. He always circles like a shark when meals are being served. He is also very verbal! Whenever we arrive home after being out and we say hello to him, he will scream back with what actually sounds like a real hello. We would describe him as sweet little clown.

Do they have a favorite treat or toy?
They both love all treats and even vegetable like broccoli!
Betty loves to get her Teddy bear and suck on it’s nose everyday for atleast 20minuites.
George loves his little Kong Lion. When i sit on the couch with him, he always brings it to me.

What is their best trick?
They both give the best Hi-fives. Betty will actually change which foot she uses to suit what hand you are using.

Any advice to someone looking at getting a pet of a similar breed?
Learn all about the breeds before you think of getting one. Both breeds are susceptible to breathing problems. If looking for a puppy, It’s very important to do your research and call around and make sure you find a breeder that breeds only healthy pups. British bulldogs are prone to a lot of health issues and are one of the most unhealthy dog breeds. Be prepared to be paying a lot of vet bills for even a healthy one. Health insurance is a must! Adopt a rescue if you can.



Betty and George have their own Instagram @squishyface_betty_george and Facebook page

They are brand ambassadors for Pawgie and are featured on Pawgie’s website They are also featured on Pawgie’s instagram (@pawgie) regularly.



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