Bentley the Cavoodle




Meet Bentley the Cavoodle who just turned 1 on the 26th of October!

“Bentley is a extremely happy go lucky loveable Cavoodle fur boy. He’s always happy and full of smiles. His favourite toy is his rubber chicken that he loves to play tug of war with his humans or with his new fur baby sister Ava. He brings so much love, happiness and lots of laughter to his family and brightens every minute of every day. Bentley arrived to live with his family after the sad loss of our other two fur babies. He has helped heal our hearts and make our family complete again. He’s our whole world.” says Bentley’s owner.

“His best trick is to shake paws or give Hi fives! He is so smart and always wanting to be with his humans to give cuddles. Bentley loves dressing up and loves the camera! He’s extremely photogenic. He is a very social puppy with a lot of fur friends that he attends play dates with. He has a huge Instagram following and would love to make new friends from all over the world.”

“I would highly recommend this breed of dog to everyone. They’re affectionate, loyal, smart, funny and so wonderful with humans raging from the young to the elderly. The most wonderful loving breed ever. ”




Follow Bentley’s adventures @bentley_cavoodle_famouspuppy

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