Meet Baci and Bare




What is your pets name, breed and age?
Baci is an 11 year old, Border Collie and Bare is a two year old, Cocker Spaniel.

How would you describe their personality?

Baci is very much a cat in a dogs world. She doesn’t need people. She’ll acknowledge we’re home but then insists she has very important appointments to keep such as inspecting the chickens or speaking with her fans. Our property is bordered by two families with young children who often speak to Baci. Bare is a love sponge. He NEEDS people, he LOVES people, he WANTS your attention.

Do they have a favorite treat or toy?

Anything with a squeaker! If it’s soft it’s likely to be dissected!

What is their best trick?

Baci’s trick is shake. Bare’s trick is pretty. Pretty is popping onto his hindquarters.

Any advice to someone looking at getting a pet of a similar breed?

Do your research to ensure your breeder does health testing and actually works to better the breed. There is a huge push towards the adopt don’t shop philosophy which is super but unfortunately rescue dogs don’t always suit everyone. It’s worth considering ex breeding or show dogs (this is actually what Bare is). There shouldn’t be the shame associated with those who genuinely need a dog for a purpose e.g. guide dogs or in the case of Bare he is here to help rehabilitate Baci who has lived with fear aggression for the nine years but unfortunately will never be completely cured (Baci was attacked by two dogs in youth). Bare’s breeder had such faith that he was the dog for the job but if he wasn’t right, he could and can always come home to her. It as still taken intense amounts of work with behavourists, in hand feeding, positive association such as running together to bring Baci around to the idea that Bare will not harm her.


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