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Animals in charge founder, Alex, originally worked in graphic design and software engineering. “I’ve always had a preference for designing and making my own things, from furniture to clothing, and when I took an industrial sewing course I never looked back”. This lead to starting Animals in Charge.

Animals in Charge exists for two reasons “To provide well designed, useful pieces for animals, and to raise money and awareness for animal rescue and rehabilitation” Alex says
“We design, make, test, and ship all our products from our workshop in Melbourne, Australia. We offer employment to other animal lovers and pride ourselves on our ability to ethically produce beautiful products”

“Over the past few years we have fostered and rehabilitated many dogs rescued from inhumane puppy farms from around the country. We are genuine animal lovers and have combined these values with our love for design and manufacturing to create a business that we love. This also enables us to generate financial support for many different rescue organisations”

“Each of our products are made by hand using traditional techniques, often with unexpected or short run materials. This makes them strong, traditionally beautiful in appearance, and a really special gift for your animal”

“Our customers are by far the best thing about running our business. We often receive emails from customers telling us how much they love the pieces we make for them, and how thrilled they are to give them to their animals. Being a part of the relationship between our customers and their animals is a really special thing”

“Our hand stamped brass tags will always be the favourite product we make. These are personalised to each animal, and each is unique due to the process of stamping them. They also provide security in case an animal goes missing, with contact details on each tag”

“Starting any small business is difficult. It takes a great deal of time and commitment with little return in the beginning. We’ve always run our business to be honest, humble, and ethical, and we believe this to be a great recipe for success in the future”




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