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Aff and Co was created by two Melbourne sisters who were inspired by their dog, Aff. “Affy is a family member, and we love spoiling her and making her look even cuter than she already is! While looking for dog accessories for her we found there were many kitsch dog costumes and apparel brands, and while very cute these aren’t the most trendy or practical”

“We loved the idea of our dog being styled in accessories which aligned with human fashion trends. We saw a gap in the market for trendy and unfussy accessories that moved away from loud costumes, and instead cooperate with seasonal trends in prints and colours. We then decided to embark on our business journey, driven by our love of animals, desire to allow them to look and feel their best and create a range inspired by fashion trends for fabrics, print and colours”

“Our products are unique for a few reasons, firstly we love our fur friends so we create Aff and Co. products that look fantastic, but are not irritating, heavy or restrictive. Our products are based on seasonal print trends and are easy to wear. Secondly, not only do we design our prints in Melbourne but we also hand sew each bandana ourselves so every pooch can enjoy a carefully crafted piece. We produce low quantities of each design so that dogs have a special piece made just for them rather than a fast fashion type mass produced accessory”

“Our passion has led us to be very hands on! We do everything from designing the prints for our leash and collar ranges, sewing each of our bandanas, packaging every order we receive ourselves (usually with a hand-written note) and in addition to our online store we also regularly run market stalls. It has also been great because we’ve had the opportunity to meet the cutest, cuddliest, most friendly dogs and their awesome owners. We absolutely love what we do!”

“Right now our favourite product is the Face Off Graphic print collar. The print is just so cool and current, with lips, lash prints and stars being everywhere in human catwalks, and the colours are so vibrant!”

“The biggest challenge for any small business can be motivation and getting your brand out there. It’s so important to stay committed and focused but at times motivation can wane, which is why having a partner is fantastic. We can boost each other when the other feels motivation drifting.”



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